Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Putting that apron on!

It has been decided that this summer I will make at LEAST 4 different batches of beer, hopefully. If all goes according to plan, a new brew will be in my fridge at the end of each month. I have a new partner in the speakeasy business, Greg. He shares my intense love for beer and the brewing process. We have come across some carboys which will allow us to brew larger quantities. But the question still remains, what shall we make? Advice has been thrown around that I should brew a sweet stout, which to me sounds pretty interesting. But a stout isn't exactly on my radar for a spring/summer brew(s). I mean don't get me wrong, stouts are by far one of my favorite beers, but I would like to brew something that captures the lightness, the freshness, the crispness that is the warmer months in Northern California. My tastes for the next few batches lean towards lighter ales, maybe something with a fruity hint to it. But the problem with fruit beers is that the fruit that is added can over power the beer, leading to a  very processed, almost medicine like taste. A sip of my beer is supposed to transport you to the Norcal coast or the Russian River, not to flashbacks of choking down cough syrup. I have never brewed a full fruit beer before, such as a beer made with fresh blueberries for example, but I have always wanted to try. Third Street Ale Works, (Santa Rosa CA), made a delicious fruit beer with sour cherries. The name of the beer had me at hello, "Cherry Springer". A lighter beer with a sweet honey like finish, the aroma smelled almost like Mom's cherry pie, but the taste was rather crisp, with just the hint of cherry with a maroon red color. It was a delightful seasonal beer and I'm sad its not on tap anymore. But Cherry Springer was the perfect example, at least for me personally, on how a fruit beer should be. Not an over powering fruit flavor, just a hint and a strong contrasting beer taste and smell to compliment the fruit chosen. I hope if I decide to go the fruit beer route, I can meet those standards in my first attempt.

It's almost summer and if your from Sonoma County, you know what that means! Stumptown Brewery (Guerneville, CA) holds its annual Beer Revial and BBQ Cook Off! A full day on the Russian River filled with great beer, great BBQ, and great music all on the beautiful Russian River. Tickets are going on sale in June, so hurry up ASAP cause they sell out fast. I know I will be buying mine the moment they go on sale.

I hope April was a great month for you and May is even better. <3

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